Skinny Double Wrap Crocodile Leather Cuff in Black


Skinny Double Wrap Crocodile Leather Cuff in Black

Ladie's Medium | Crocodile Leather | Cuff
Thin length of beautifully textured Nile crocodile skin, lined with soft suede, that wraps twice around the wrist. Choose from the variety of colours shown instore. Please note some colours may vary slightly due to computer screen colouration.Cuff fastens with a brass holster stud and features a brass Ndau label to guarantee it's genuine Ndau!

Length approx 37cm
Width approx 1cm, but varies as product is natural.

This price is inclusive of a mandatory CITES permit for travel that will accompany your cuff, to ensure that it has been sourced from ethically farmed, sustainable sources. Once you have made the purchase we will contact you directly to ask for a copy of your passport in order to complete the documentation.

Please note that our prices are not inclusive of any import duties applicable in your country, so please confirm what these are with your relevant authority prior to placing an order.
Please be advised that if you reside in the United States there is a US FWS charge for importing Nile crocodile products. If residing in Australia, an import permit must be applied for from the Department of Environment and Energy. Other countries may have specific regulations, so please check with the relevant government department in your country prior to ordering.
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