Sterling Silver Elephant Tusk Pendant


Sterling Silver Elephant Tusk Pendant

This Sterling Silver Elephant Tusk Pendant represents the wisdom and beauty of the elephant.

Our conservation range is inspired by Zimbabwean culture, in particular totems in Shona and Ndebele cultures. A totem is an animal or natural figure that spiritually represents a group of related people. Traditionally it is illegal to kill or hurt your particular totem. Totemic animals are viewed as family and believed to share blood with your ancestors. They connected people with a rich oral tradition and aided conservation as a totem animal’s survival was seen as intrinsic to your family’s survival.

This history of reverence for wildlife inspired us to create a line that pays tribute to our beautiful fauna and helps to conserve them for future generations of Zimbabweans. 20% of the profits from each sale will go to supporting local anti poaching efforts by the Jafuta Foundation.

Tusk Size:
L 5cm x W 3cm x H 0.8cm

You have the option of purchasing the pendant only, or pendant on leather thong or pendant on sterling silver chain. Please select the correct option from the dropdown menu.

Leather Thong Length: 43cm

We also offer this pendant on a 45cm silver chain or longer chain by request.

Owing to their hand made nature each piece is unique and therefore designs and sizes may vary slightly, so if you have a specific fit please let us know and we will customise our sizes especially for you.

Please note that our prices are not inclusive of any import duties applicable in your country, so please confirm what these are with your relevant authority prior to placing an order.